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Are Video Games Only For Children? There used to be a time when video games and gaming consoles were used and enjoyed only by school going children and toddlers, but now all that has changed.

With the advancement of technology, innovations and fierce research and development, the world of gaming has reached a level where no one would even think of. Today everyone, from kids to adults are enjoying video games and the accessories to the fullest.

The games today are so competitive and realistic that gamers immerse themselves in the game.

They take on different roles as the game suggests and enjoy every second of playing time. The fact is that video games and consoles are no longer the domain of the young male population, young girls and women are too playing in growing numbers. In short all adults are playing.

Big Boxes and Waste of Money ? According to George Harrison , the vice president of marketing for Nintendo - ''Fun should not be difficult'' . Everyone wants that 15 minutes to unwind and enjoy with their family and close friends.

They want to divert their time from work into some fun and this shift has compelled video game companies to rethink their marketing strategies and their complete hardware and game play. They have come out with products that are portable as well as lighter in weight. For example the little Nintendo DS was welcomed in the market with great energy and zeal.

It is a portable gaming device with two screens in which the bottom one is also a touch screen that expands according to the gamers specifications.

Today its not just the hardware that has created change, but the games itself is a key element. PS4's Fifa series is the right example of in play game, where the fact that players can customize their own teams and players , playing online with other players and competing with the world.

The other examples of such consoles are - The playsatation Portable, nintendo wii, x box 360 and Sony virtual reality glasses. All these products are considerably cheap and do not put a hole in your pocket.

The Revolution Today Gaming companies are looking to bring non gamers into this fold.

For example, the introduction on Nintendos Wii with its wireless controller have captured the imagination of the audience worldwide and their desires converted completed into a different virtual world. Kids from around the world have got something common to talk and laugh about.

Gamers are getting connected through these devices throughout the world and competing with each other. In conclusion, the evolution at this point in time is no longer just a technical refinement of existing games, but it is an expansion of what a game truly is and at what audience is it targeted to. Happy Gaming.

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