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UPS Device and its Components

Uninterruptible Power Supply commonly referred to as the UPS exists as a device that enables a computer device to run for a short while even as its primary source of power gets lost.

Another important role that it plays points to its protective role of the computer against adverse effects of power surges. A UPS only consists of a power source in the form of a battery that "resuscitates" at that moment when the electronic device gets tipped of an abrupt power loss.

In this regard, the UPS's ability to prompt the computer user of the power loss aids the user in having enough time for saving any form of data that one was working.

It also enables the user exit the workstation diligently just before the UPS source of power also runs out. On its cushioning role over power surges, the UPS would intercept the occurrence of this surge hence protecting the computer from any electrical damage.

How it Works

In the entire operation, the UPS works by converting an incoming Alternating Current (AC) to a Direct Current (DC) through the use of a rectifier.

In a complete cycle, it then again converts this power back through the aid of an internal inverter that would transfer power mechanically from the utility source to the output the convenient output. In the process, the device also achieves sufficient protection from sags and spikes that rise through the entire grid.


  • As a power backup utility, the UPS guarantees lower costs in the authority backup compared to generators
  • UPS exists as unobtrusive device due to its small size.
  • Its simple nature of design assures users of ease in use as it requires little training for understanding its functionality.


  • A UPS device lacks power conditioning hence can become unreliable with time.
  • The simple nature of its battery charger necessitates a short battery life which consequently increases the recharge time for the device.
  • Compared to a standard generator, a UPS has a shorter backup time hence compromises on reliability.

Factors for Consideration in UPS

On the choice of UPS for a system, efficiency and durability become the main considerations for use.


Currently, the existing security loads can withstand 30 milliseconds of power loss. In this regard, high-quality UPSs should operate through efficient transfer times between 3 and five milliseconds. The consideration ensures that the UPS can have a 10% higher output in comparison to a standard generator that also transmits 15kW of power.


Considering the use of the UPS, care should look into its ability to convert power in a cycle of AC to DC continuously. The period must show sustainability where degradation by 50% in a year should depict a faulty UPS. Since the design of the UPS gets structured for a finite design life of up to 5 years, its durability relies on sufficient charge and adequate storage.

Other Considerations:

In these considerations the most important features worth looking out for involve: the power capacity that should have a minimum voltage of 510 VA. Next we have an electrical protection or the surge protectors, and lastly an equipment protection warranty of a minimum of a year.

New Trends in UPS:

On the new trends related to the UPS, there exists a dire need for bundled software system assigned to the UPS. Manufacturers have come up with sophisticated software that reports the condition of the power supply to the UPS. The software also supports connectivity of network to the UPS device and also acts as an alarm configuration system.

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