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What is the difference between printer ink and toners?

Well, firstly, toner is a powder and ink is a liquid. The concept of these two are rather similar, if not the same, as the purpose of both is to print out either documents or pictures. The only factor that makes a difference between these two is the type of printer used.

When and why do we use Toner?

Toner cartilages are used by Laser Printers. Why does a laser printer require toner, ergo, a powder? It's because this kind of printer does not simply press the final result onto the paper.

hat it does, is that it uses a metal drum that rotates. This metal drum is covered in a material that is photosensitive, as well as being charged with either positive or negative energy. T

hen the drum uses data from the computer to determine where to adhere the fine particles on the paper. At the end of the process, these particles will be melted on the sheet of paper, materializing the final product.

When and why do we use Ink?

The inkjet technology is a more straightforward. The ink cartilages sit in the printer head, and as the print head runs against the sheet of paper, drops of ink will be leaked, resulting in the final product.

In this category, the concept can be twisted around by the brand creating the printer, for example printers that rely on vibrations, called piezoelectric printers. Either way, in both of these cases, it's the computer that dictates how the printer is going to apply the ink, so even these newer versions of ink printers have the same ground concept.

Pros and Cons of Toner and Ink.

Speedwise, toner cartilages have a lead over the ink cartilages.

Even with the ink printers that claim to be faster, most of these have to sacrifice the quality of the end result just in order to be able to compete with the speed of laser printers.

Taking a look at the quality of the printed paper, the toner outplays the ink cartilages. This is mainly because the laser technology is able to print more details than the ink printers. And the quality of the toner cartilages is also seen in the durability of a (freshly) printed piece of paper.

A piece of paper that has been printed using ink is more likely to smudge if it gets in contact with water. However, the price and the process of refilling these two types of printer makes a difference.

Toner cartilages are rather expensive to buy, the refills are very messy, considering that the user is dealing with powder. The laser printers are also bigger and pricier than an ink printer. If we take a look at ink printers and cartilages, we can easily note that these are cheaper, the cartilages as well as the printers themselves are smaller and more compact, making them easy to use.

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